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Lisa McKenna, Founder of McKenna & Co Solicitors – Winner of the Network Ireland Established Busines

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, the journey of a successful businesswoman can be both inspiring and challenging. This is why we, as a team, are delighted with the recent news from the Network Ireland national awards.

Lisa McKenna, the founder of McKenna & Co Solicitors, was recently named the Established Businesswoman of the Year by Network Ireland. This accolade not only celebrates her outstanding achievements but also recognises the ethos Lisa embedded into the firm from the very first day of its existence; namely, people come first and the incredible team within McKenna & Co Solicitors.

A strong field of finalists

Lisa has long been a part of the Network Ireland community, winning the Emerging Businesswoman of the Year award in 2021. It’s therefore particularly meaningful to win the Established Businesswoman of the Year award 2 years later for Lisa.

One remarkable aspect of Lisa McKenna’s achievement is that she emerged victorious in a category where many of her fellow finalists have been running businesses in existence for far longer. While some might view this as a disadvantage, Lisa turned it into an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and innovation of the business.

By staying true to her vision and consistently delivering legal services that truly empower her clients and solve their problems, Lisa has not only made a name for herself but also propelled McKenna & Co Solicitors into the spotlight. This recognition highlights the significant impact the law firm has made in a relatively short time, defying expectations and carving a niche for the firm among the industry’s seasoned giants.

Lisa founded McKenna & Co Solicitors in late 2017.

With a relentless focus on building a law firm that truly works for people, from the company culture built by the leadership team and staff to the manner in which clients are served and treated, Lisa has consistently delivered on her vision.

In just six years of business, McKenna & Co Solicitors is not only one of Ireland’s fastest-growing law firms, but is also winning business from bigger law firms in the country. These are law firms with far bigger marketing budgets as well as more resources at their disposal. However, McKenna & Co’s exceptional customer service has resulted in so many referrals from happy clients that the firm’s conveyancing solicitors are constantly busy.

Building a legacy of excellence

As the founder of the firm and a practising notary public and solicitor herself, Lisa wears two hats. Approximately 60% of her time is spent running the law firm from an operational point and 40% of her time is spent in her role as a solicitor.

Therefore, Lisa’s ability to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals who share her values and passion for the law has played a vital role in solidifying McKenna & Co Solicitors’ reputation.

Through her leadership, she has fostered a culture of collaboration, professionalism, and continuous growth within the firm. Lisa’s ability to adapt to evolving industry trends and leverage technology has also played a crucial role in keeping McKenna & Co Solicitors at the forefront of the legal landscape.

Empowering others

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Lisa McKenna is also a champion of empowering women and nurturing future leaders.

Throughout her career, she has actively engaged with various organisations and networks dedicated to supporting women in business. Lisa believes in the power of mentorship and has mentored numerous aspiring entrepreneurs, sharing her expertise and insights to help them succeed. By leveraging her own experiences, Lisa has become a role model for aspiring businesswomen, inspiring them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Furthermore, McKenna & Co Solicitors also funds a bursary and offers an internship as a way of contributing to making law a more equitable field.

The recognition of Lisa McKenna as the Established Businesswoman of the Year is a well-deserved honour that celebrates both her achievements and those of the firm. Many delighted clients will attest to the peace of mind McKenna & Co Solicitors have delivered for them. As we celebrate Lisa’s accomplishments, let us be inspired by her journey and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for women in business.


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