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Green Grants could help you towards a lower interest rate on your mortgage, a more marketable property and reduced utility bills – it’s a no-brainer.

Becoming a more sustainable and greener community is the responsibility of us all and at McKenna & Co we take great pride in working towards this global issue with our in-office sustainability project and practices but how can we help you on this mission for a greener home

One way to contribute is to think about how you can make your home more sustainable in your energy use. Thinking about how your home or business can be more energy efficient not only helps Ireland become more sustainable but can also help
homeowners and businesses save in energy costs, reduce your interest rate with your
lender and ultimately make your home more attractive to a potential buyer. The Sustainable energy authority of Ireland or Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers grants to homeowners and businesses to achieve just that, and we encourage our clients to consider availing of them where they are eligible. There are a number of grants available currently depending on your criteria and eligibility.

Types of Grants for Consideration

Individual Energy Upgrade Grants

This is a step-by-step upgrade of your home for homeowners and landlords who want to
manage their own project. 

There is no minimum BER required to avail of this grant, your home just needs to be built and occupied before 2011 for insulation and heating controls and before 2021 for heat pumps and renewable systems. 

By selecting this type of grant, you will manage the upgrade to include selecting the contractor, applying for the grant, managing the works completed by the contractor and following up in relation to the BER cert. 

The homeowners will receive the grant once the works have been completed and grant paperwork submitted. SEAI grants Ireland available include Attic Insulation, Wall Insulation, Heating Controls, Heat Pump, Solar Thermal and Solar PV. The exact amounts available for each grant is available to view of the SEAI website along with the grant application process.

One Stop Shop Service

This is for homeowners and landlords looking for multiple energy upgrades, there is a minimum B2 BER required and your home needs to be built and occupied before 2011

This grant includes the project to be managed from start to finish by the one-stop shop service to include application for the grant and a home energy assessment. The one-stop shop must be on the list of SEAI registered contractors Dublin listed on the SEAI website.

 The services offered are as the individual energy upgrade grant but instead of being self-managed, this is managed by the one-stop shop.

Fully Funded Energy Upgrade

There is a fully funded and apart funded grant. There is a fully funded upgrade for citizens
receiving welfare allowances (a full list is available on the SEAI website).

Homes eligible for the grant must be built and occupied before 2006, the home must be the applicants main residence and the applicant is receiving at least one of the welfare payments detailed on the SEAI website. 

The service is managed by the SEAI from start to finish to include home energy assessment and grant application. The upgrades which are offered through the grant are attic insulation, wall insulation, lagging jackets, draught proofing, efficient lighting, new heating systems and new windows. This is particularly beneficial for those looking into insulation grants for pensioners Ireland or heating grants for pensioners Ireland.

Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant.

The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant is a payment you can get if you are turning a
vacant house or building into your permanent home or a rental property. A grant of up to
€50,000 is available. If the refurbishment costs exceed the standard grant of up to €50,000, a top-up grant amount of up to €20,000 is available. See below. 

To qualify for the grant, you must:

1) have proof of ownership or evidence of active negotiations to buy the property (that is, confirmation of engagement from the estate agent or owner of the property) where you are seeking approval in principle for a grant

2)  live in the property as your principal private residence or make it available for rent

3)  have proof that the property has been vacant for at least 2 years and that it was built
up to and including 2007


Local authorities administer the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant.


These grants offer great incentives for homeowners and business owners to commit to a more sustainable approach to their energy use. Not only does it make financial sense to avail of these as the cost of energy consumption will decrease, but it also supports Ireland’s move towards sustainability. The home energy grants Ireland and solar energy grants Ireland are designed to make the transition to energy efficiency as smooth as possible, whether you’re interested in solar panel grants, EV charger grant, or insulation grants.


Written by: Bethany Youngson and Lisa McKenna

This blog is for general guidance only and not intended as professional advice.
Advice should always be taken before acting on any of the grants identified.

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