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Commercial Property Law Solicitors

McKenna & Co. Solicitors stands out as an innovative and client-focused law firm specialising in commercial property law. Our dedication to providing personalised legal solutions enables us to meet the intricate needs of private clients and corporate entities alike.

With a proven track record in commercial property transactions, our legal team is equipped to handle the complexities of the commercial real estate sector, ensuring your investments are both secure and profitable.

Why Choose Mc Kenna & Co. Solicitors?

Our Core Commercial Property Law Services Include

Transactional Excellence

From purchasing to leasing, we manage all aspects of commercial property transactions with unmatched precision

Tailored strategies to navigate planning, development, and investment challenges effectively

We prioritise your business objectives, offering home visits for consultations when office visits are not feasible

Whether it’s planning permissions or property dispute litigation, our solutions are tailored to your goals

Meet The Team

Alexandra Ryan

Alexandra Ryan

LLB (Hons)
Rachael McCormack

Rachael McCormack

Bethany Youngson

Bethany Youngson

B.B.S (Hons)
Kay Keelan

Kay Keelan

FAQ's About Commercial Property Law

What services do you offer under commercial property law?

McKenna & Co. Solicitors specialise in a comprehensive range of commercial property law services, including property transactions (buying, selling, leasing), property development, planning and environmental law, landlord and tenant disputes, and investment and financing advice for commercial properties

Can Mc Kenna & Co. Solicitors assist with commercial lease agreements?

Yes, our team has extensive experience in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial lease agreements. We offer tailored advice to ensure your lease aligns with your business objectives, covering aspects such as lease terms, rent reviews, and obligations of both parties

How does Mc Kenna & Co. Solicitors approach commercial property disputes?

Our approach to disputes is proactive and resolution-focused. We strive to resolve disputes through negotiation and mediation to avoid costly litigation. However, when litigation is necessary, we possess the expertise to represent our clients effectively in court

What makes Mc Kenna & Co. Solicitors different from other commercial property law firms?

Our client-centred approach sets us apart. We prioritise understanding your business and legal needs to offer personalised and strategic legal advice. Our commitment to accessibility, including home visits for clients unable to come to our office, and our track record of success in commercial property law, underscores our dedication to client satisfaction and excellence

How can I get started with a commercial property law consultation at Mc Kenna & Co. Solicitors?

Getting started is simple. Contact us via phone, email, or through our website to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to listen to your needs, provide initial advice, and outline how we can assist you with your commercial property legal matters

Are Mc Kenna & Co. Solicitors experienced in handling complex commercial property transactions?

Yes, our solicitors have a wealth of experience in managing complex commercial property transactions, including large-scale acquisitions, development projects, and cross-border investments. We leverage our expertise to ensure a smooth, efficient process for our clients

Absolutely. We offer expert advice on all planning and environmental aspects of commercial property law, including compliance with regulations, obtaining necessary permits, and addressing any environmental concerns that may impact your property or project