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Gender Pay Gap case won by McKenna and Co Solicitors

Woman in same job as male counterparts on lower pay scale

Earlier this year, we successfully represented a female client in her action against her employers for discriminating on her on the basis of gender.

Our client worked alongside two men, who were paid significantly more than her, despite them all being on the same level. Our client was made aware of this discrepancy by these two colleagues.

The claim was brought to the Workplace Relations Commission, where we successfully argued that she should be awarded the same and paid retrospectively for the salaries and bonuses she had missed out on.

The Defendants in the case accepted the outcome and opted not to appeal it. 

Although the legal profession is narrowing the gap in terms of gender representation, it is clear other industries aren’t faring so well. As Lisa McKenna, principal solicitor of McKenna and Co Solicitors said “This case was very important to me as gender discrimination is still evident across many areas of life. We’re delighted that our client will now get paid what she deserves, which is a step towards gender equality.”

Image by Claim Accident Services from Pixabay

* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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