The Psychological Aspects of Making a Will in Ireland: Ensuring Peace of Mind

Introduction In Ireland, making a will is not a legal process but also an emotionally significant undertaking. It involves considering one’s mortality, making decisions about assets and loved ones, and facing potential conflicts among family members. Understanding the psychological aspects surrounding the creation of a will is essential to ensure peace of mind, promote familial […]

Is it Time to Make a Will?

With Christmas approaching writing your will is not likely to be the first thing on your mind but it is something to be mindful of. Society today often talks about living in the moment bur sometimes future planning is essential.   Many people say that they should draft a will at some point but will […]

Certainty, Conflict, Comfort: Benefits of a valid will

Caring for loved ones, avoiding tax and peace of mind just some of the benefits 1. Your Choice With a valid will, you get to decide what happens to your possessions. Without one, the rules of intestacy will apply, taking the personal decision from your hands and putting it into generic rules that don’t take […]

Do It Yourself? Why it’s a bad idea for Wills

Invalid wills create cost and trouble for family and friends Trying to draft and execute your own will can sound like a good idea now, but in the long term can create issues, costs and emotional distress for relatives left behind. If you’ve a complicated situation with your assets or friends/family, a DIY will is […]