Switching your mortgage: is it worth it?

It is if you want to save money and trust your solicitor and broker to get you there. Switching a mortgage may sound like a hassle but if you have a good broker, and an efficient solicitor the process is straightforward and will save you money long into the future. We can recommend a top […]

It’s Complicated: when unmarried couples cohabit

What are your legal rights when you own together but aren’t married or in a civil partnership? Couples who aren’t married or civil partners have no legal rights, unless one of you is economically dependent on the other, you’ve been living together in an intimate and committed relationship for five years or more (or two […]

Lease or a licence? The Court will decide

What’s the difference and why does it matter?  Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, it is important to know whether your arrangement is a lease or a licence as the rights and responsibilities for both vary depending on which it is. If there is a dispute as to whether it is a lease […]

Buying and selling property in Ireland: what taxes are you liable for?

What are they and will you have to pay them? 1. NPPR, Non-Principal Private Residence Set up in 2009, to generate more funds during the Recession, the NPPR lasted until 2013 and taxed people who owned more than one property. The property either has a Certificate of Discharge, which acknowledges that the NPPR has been […]