The “Without Prejudice” to Everything Podcast is out now.

Click the link below to listen on Spotify: Introduction:McKenna and Co have recently published its very own podcast called the “Without Prejudice” to Everything Podcast, which is available on Spotify, Amazon music, Google podcasts, Samsung podcasts and many more. We have decided to go out of our comfort zone and make this podcast because in the vast landscape of podcasts, there are few that manage to captivate their audience with a unique blend of informative discussions and engaging storytelling. “Without Prejudice” to Everything is one such podcast that delves into the realms of mansplaining and property advice. Hosted by McKenna and Co’s very own Lisa McKenna, this podcast offers a fresh perspective on these intriguing topics, leaving listeners both educated and entertained. With help from Co-host Racheal McCormack, our first episode goes through some top five tips on selling a house and then moves onto a more controversial topic with them telling stories about their own mansplaining experiences. With the knowledgeable approach of Lisa and Racheal, it allows them to navigate the intricate world of mansplaining and property advice, providing a platform for meaningful conversations that resonate with a wide audience. A Thoughtful Exploration of Mansplaining: One of the cores focuses of “Without Prejudice” to Everything is the exploration of mansplaining, a phenomenon where men condescendingly explain things to women, disregarding their knowledge and expertise. Lisa takes this important issue and sheds light on its impact on individuals and society at large. Through enlightening discussions and personal stories, the podcast aims to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and promote gender equality. Lisa expertly navigates the complexities of mansplaining, inviting new guests every week to share their experiences and insights. These conversations serve as a valuable resource for listeners, offering a deeper understanding of the issue while encouraging empathy and inclusivity. Insightful Property Advice: Aside from its exploration of mansplaining, “Without Prejudice” to Everything also provides invaluable property advice. Real estate can be a daunting and intricate world, but Lisa and Rachael break down the complexities, making it accessible to everyone. From buying and selling property to understanding the legal aspects and financial implications, the podcast covers a wide range of topics, catering to both experienced investors and newcomers.  Lisa and co-host Rachael’s expertise shines through as she guides listeners through the intricacies of the property market. Her ability to convey complex information in an approachable and relatable manner makes the podcast an invaluable resource for those seeking guidance in the world of real estate.  The Host, Lisa McKenna: The driving force behind “Without Prejudice” to Everything is the host, Lisa McKenna. With a wealth of experience in property investment, Lisa is the perfect person to helm a podcast exploring mansplaining and property advice. Her passion for empowering individuals, dismantling stereotypes, and providing valuable insights is evident. Her co-host Rachael McCormack also gives invaluable expertise and insights into property law. The Impact: Our aim with the “Without Prejudice” to Everything podcast is to leave a lasting impact on our listeners. By addressing mansplaining and property advice, the podcast challenges societal norms and encourages equality and inclusivity. It offers a platform for marginalized voices, amplifying their experiences and perspectives. The combination of engaging storytelling and valuable advice creates an immersive listening experience that will hopefully keep audiences coming back for more. Conclusion: “Without Prejudice” to Everything is a podcast that brilliantly merges the realms of mansplaining and property advice. Through the expertise of host Lisa McKenna, the podcast provides a space for meaningful conversations, raising awareness about important issues while offering practical guidance to listeners. By listening to this captivating podcast, one can gain valuable insights, challenge preconceptions, and empower themselves with knowledge.  Whether you are seeking to understand and combat the phenomenon of mansplaining or looking for sound advice in the realm of property, “Without Prejudice” to Everything is a podcast that deserves a spot in your playlist. Join Lisa McKenna and co-host for this week Rachael McCormack on this enlightening journey, and be prepared to be entertained, educated, inspired and help us change the world for the better.