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McKenna and Co take part in Darkness into Light

The event raised funds and awareness for Pieta House, a suicide prevention charity

On Saturday 8th May, the team at McKenna and Co Solicitors joined people all across Ireland to take part in the Darkness into Light run, organised by Pieta House.  The run aims to give the gift of hope to those impacted by suicide and self-harm. As the event is taking place remotely this year Pieta House and Electric Ireland called on people to run, walk, swim, cycle or just get up in time for the sunrise. Lisa McKenna, principal solicitor of McKenna and Co Solicitors, explains why she wanted her team to take part:

“Pieta does incredible work to support those who undergo dark times in their lives and gives hope of a better day ahead. It is important that the stigma around depression and mental health is eliminated to allow those feeling low to come forward and speak out before it’s too late, the legal profession has a high rate of depression and thus it’s important we stand strong behind the charity in their efforts to help.”

“Depression is being colorblind but always being told how colorful the world is”- Atticus …….

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